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Just This Moment, Live in Santa Fe is filled with audience favorites. You'll love this compilation with it's poignant ballads, funky tunes, and delicate songs of Spirit. The funny ones are also here, including Baby Sings the Blues, Remember? and Jung's Blues (be my projection baby). Sure to become a regular in your CD player!
1 (3:35) Just this Moment
2 (3:35) Love is a Mystery
3 (2:40) Jung's Blues
4 (3:16) How Far we've Come
5 (3:07) Baby Sings the Blues
6 (3:52) That's My Plan
7 (2:58) Already Home
8 (3:37) Remember?
9 (4:18) Nothing Less than Everything     Complete song!
10 (4:53) God's Fool
11 (3:01) So Many Blessings

So Many Blessings offers more than great songs... it overflows with inspiration, devotion, peace, joy and gratitude! With deftly woven lyrics and masterful guitar work, Steven's honeyed vocals describe the indescribable essence of being, reassuring us that all is just as it should be. This is the best of his spirit-filled music!

"This isn't just a CD...this is a collection of songs beyond the ordinary. It's spellbinding and magical. What music is supposed to be."
-Independent Songwriter's Web Magazine
1 (4:07) Journey Back to Now lyrics
2 (4:18) What Remains lyrics
3 (3:14) Always Home lyrics
4 (4:14) Listen Closely lyrics
5 (4:17) One More Time lyrics
6 (3:29) Holding on to Nothing lyrics
7 (2:34) So Many Blessings lyrics
8 (3:26) Deeper Home lyrics
9 (3:41) Dive Right In lyrics
10 (3:41) Nowhere to Go lyrics
11 (2:18) Varanasi lyrics
12 (3:40) Nothing Less than Everything lyrics
13 (4:25) Nothing Could be Separate From This lyrics
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